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[Keygenme] JMP Around! - Extreme Pasta Edition

Office Jesus

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Hello, everyone! I hope the thread title caught your eye. smile.png

I want to present my first keygenme in quite a while. This one is a departure from the past iterations.

The main goal with this "series" (I plan to have more along this mantra) is to help ease novices and noobs into the art of reversing (patching, keygenning, etc.). I hope that you guys will solve this and provide tutorials. Hopefully, the tutorials will be spread around the Internet for all new people to enjoy and learn from.

Features of this keygenme:

  • Coded in MASM (with the aid of WinStudio)
  • Packed with UPX
  • Starting nag
  • Ending nag
  • Disabled textbox
  • Disabled button
  • No cryptos
  • Somewhat frustrating routine (I'll get to that in a minute)
  • Easy routine to code
  • Rewarding music!
  • Difficulty: 1.5/10

As for the "frustrating" part, the name "Extreme Pasta Edition" refers to "spaghetti code." I tried to mimic spaghetti code in the routine to give this keygenme a unique flavor. It is not hard, it is just frustrating if you are impatient. wink.png

I hope you guys solve this (post in the thread) and write tutorials (text, flash, anything!).

I fully expect ChOoKi to solve this within five minutes of downloading. I also expect him to half-*** his way through a tutorial and then not post it. tongue.png

Good luck, everyone! Let's help the beginners learn the trade!


ChOoKi (this thread)

Departure (this thread)

Keep them coming!


Office Jesus


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OJ, nice to see your still around. I like your motivation to help noobs like myself in the art of keygenning, Lets hope you keep the series going... I will give this ago and try my luck and report back....

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Keygen(source Code) sent via Pm to OJ...


vgVtJe2C-I3sLs4E9 or KeyGenMe-F uckFace <--- remove the space

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Looks like I am late, 2 solutions already (good Job guys), will try to be early for the next one.

@OJ: Glad that you've changed your mind, welcome back m8 :)

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Looks like I am late, 2 solutions already (good Job guys), will try to be early for the next one.

There's no limit on solutions. You can still spend 5 minutes solving this and 10 more minutes writing a tutorial.

Good to see you, too.

Also, thanks to kakamail and Departure! I hope more people take up the "challenge."


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Wow ChOoKi is here also, I am glad you both are here along with Saduff, You 3 guys where my motivation for trying to learn Keygening, After UF shut down I lost all motivation to do any keygenme's and haven't learnt anything new for a long time, Hope to see more from you guys in the future....

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...10 more minutes writing a tutorial

@OJ: 10 minutes IF sober, a very big IF I might say, especially at this time of the year drunk.gif

Anyways, here is a tut to kick start your series, hope someone else beside me gets to read it.


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Nice tutorial ChOoKi, I really liked and it was to the point, I also made tutorial in flash video format, Its long and boring, But I was trying to explain the 32bit registers as part of the tutorial and how SHR works also did a lame attempt at showing what AL, AH, AX from EAX are. Anyway if anyone is interested and can stay awake for 45 minutes you can download it here

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@ Departure : I kept mine short right after I got the ****s with ms paint, it sucks hammer.gif also making a video tut takes too much time, something I don't have much these days but I am sure that OJ would be happy with all types of solutions as long as it gets members involved smile.png

Tut updated - spelling error, everything else remain the same.
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Thanks, Saduff!

Hopefully we will be seeing a tutorial from you. ;)

Let's keep the solutions coming in! Pass this baby around to your mates and other boards!


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Hey guys been late to the party, but I am done with this file, nice logic used indeed, really enjoyed learning the same smile.png

serial : 12345678-dcbafehg

EDIT : I have not included the tutorial, but will do soon, irrespective I am quite sure the serial generation logic would be same(some XORs, &&s, && with 0F)


icr wink.png


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