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Play .xm chips without additional DLLs from C#


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I don't see any "value added" stuff here. In the official ufmod distribution is this already included ufmod-1.25.2a-win32\Examples\C#\WinMM. You could improve the stuff, but you just copied it.

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Srsly kudos to this piece of a calm reaction!

Thanks my friend, you have no idea what it takes to develop this skill :)

oh wait , I think you know how I have this skill crazy.gif

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Depends on what version of .net framework you have installed. If you use the VB.Net example hosted earlier you will need to reference the right compiler for VB.net. The VBC.exe Compiler in the build.bat file.


Update the . net framework links in the build.bat file to be correct with current .net framework you are using. If the compile doesn't work try unchecking enable application framework in visual studio project properties, save and then run build.bat again. May get a couple of warnings but the exe still builds.


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