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Customising Your Keygen.

In the explorer bar under the resources tab, highlight the new dialog and edit Name to be IDD_KEYGEN. Doubleclick and delete the Caption field. Now doubleclick on Style and make sure the following entries only are set to Yes: WS_POPUP, WS_VISIBLE and DS_CENTER.

This will get rid of the border and make the dialog non-resizable plus it will always appear in the centre of the screen. Now drag the dialog to enlarge it until it fills about half the screen. Click the image button on the ToolBox toolbar and with the crosshairs drag out a rectangle large enough to hold our bitmap.

IDC_IMAGE1002 will appear in the project explorer bar. Click on the resources button on the toolbar and then Add in the box that pops up. Navigate to ARTeam_keygen.bmp and add it. Doubleclick and edit the Name field to LOGO and the ID field to 2002 and click OK. Now highlight IDC_IMAGE1002, click image and from the dropdown menu select LOGO. Now the bitmap appears on dialog.

Finally its a question of resizing bitmap and dialog so they cover eachother without any overlap before adding the controls. Add 2 editboxes next to Name: and Serial:

For the Name editbox change the name to IDC_NAME and the style so that the following only are set to Yes: WS_CHILD, WS_VISIBLE, WS_BORDER, WS_TABSTOP, ES_AUTOHSCROLL, ES_CENTER

For the Serial editbox change the name to IDC_SERIAL, add ES_READONLY to the style and edit the text to include "SuperCleaner 2.9 Keygen".

Finally add 3 pushbuttons for Generate, Copy and Exit. For the first one, elongate it and position it so that it covers the word Generate on the bitmap. Next edit name to IDC_ABOUT, text to About and style so that the following only are set to Yes: WS_CHILD, WS_VISIBLE, WS_CLIPSIBLINGS, WS_TABSTOP, BS_FLAT.

Finally do likewise for the other 2 buttons and you should see this.

Author Goppit - 01/04/2006 - goppit@hotmail.com

Custom keygen.rar

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Thank you mudlord. I tried the first one and assembled in asm. I could make one but the algo is hard for me. could you suggest a easy one? Thank you for your support.

The one i assembled is attached here


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mediafire.com/?myqw8ac9m3ksig3 xorry the target is not crack me! asm n c++ n softice old tutorial. Fs: 203 kb.

I could not get the address could you please give it again?

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