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A Simple Application that I have made three years ago which is a collection of delphi samples didicated to new delphi users which gives them the ability to progress and develop their skills the following applications contains 9 examples

[b]1)-Hello There[/b]
[b]It is a simple example on how to display a simple message while clicking on a button .[/b][b]2)-MessageDialogs[/b]
[b]An example on how to set a messagedlg which contains a message and an icon and buttons and position.[/b][b]also how to use RadioButtons and GroupBoxex and how to set oppacity.[/b]
[b]Learn How to deal with inputBoxes and how to use them in order to get info from the user.[/b][b]4)-ShellExecute[/b]
[b]Learn how to execute external applications and go to a website and how to send an E-Mail using Delphi.[/b][b]5)-System Orders[/b]
[b]Collection of common orders such as LoggingOFF and Reboot and how to hide your application from taskbar ...etc.[/b][b]6)-Attractive Forms[/b]
[b]Learn how to make a defferent forms and scrolling captions.[/b][b]7)-Sounds[/b]
[b]Learn how to deal with sounds how to play a sound from a PC Speaker and XMs...etc.[/b][b]8)-FileInfo[/b]
[b]What is fileinfo?FileInfo is a tool allow you to get info from any file such as size and type and location and version .you will also learn how to work with INIFiles.[/b][b]9)-NFO Viewer[/b]
[b]An Example of NFO Viewer made by OfficeJesus[/b].

Anyway give it a shot .wink.png

Best Regards



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