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How to Enter into the Resource DLL with Delphi and DLL Functions Calling Such without having to extract them from Resource DLL ... Give it a try but I Repeatedly Failed to continue and I ask others I try to Delphi Forums, nor can the road. When I tried Ripped Chiptunes from A Crack I see There BassMod.dll inserted in the Software As the picture below. I hope you guys help me! ... Thx B4 !...........

Please Click Picture to enlarge. I have marked with red color.


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Check out this article:

I don't use Delphi so I cannot help you with this but this article seems to cover what you are asking.

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To use a DLL in memory without extracting is complex, and you need to have good knowledge of PE format.

Basically you do this:

  1. Allocate some Virtual memory that is size of DLL PE.ImageSize
  2. Write the headers from DLL to memory
  3. Write each section from DLL raw offset to RVA in memory
  4. Relocate all addresses
  5. Process imports
  6. Call Entrypoint

That link atom0s suggested has good source code to download that does all this :)

Have fun!


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Insane question, i know, but did it ever occur to you that it might be helpful for anyone else seeking similar information if you were to link to the solution you found or something similar? The concept of a forum which shares information is exactly that, not just a teat to suckle from... Just like you asked for information and others tried to provide the sentiment would be to share the information which you eventually found (unless there are constraints such as non-disclosure of course).

Just my 2 cents.



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