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[crackme] Crack Me #5 By : X-88


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@ Raham :

I've never felt more intelligent than anyone! ... I make this, just wondering how you guys turned this software with Olly Debuger ... so do not send the results of your Crack. but just send me a screen shot. thank you people who said clever. clap3.gifclap3.gifclap3.gifclap3.gifclap3.gif

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Salam all !

Here is my patched exe (as said on the topic crackme) i am not a keygener at all :( so i just cracked it.... please test it...if it is working for you or not...



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@ D Michael

i'm just amateur programmer!.... so hands.gif

I wanted to ask, whether such protection can also be made loader or crack? ... The first protection as a common file encryptor, file encrypt 32 bit as I like 16 bit and certainly the file is not corrupted.

dl @

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