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Virus Bulletin Jully 2011


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Virus Bulletin Jully 2011


The SpyEye bot has a sophisticated, modular design that has allowed it to improve its capabilities

over time. Aditya Sood and colleagues examine SpyEye’s modules and provide an insight into the

design and methods of the bot, and into an effective instance of modern malware.

page 8


As Python has gained popularity with malware writers, new bytecode obfuscation techniques have

started to appear. Aleksander Czarnowski describes some of those techniques.

page 13


Pseudorandom generators are increasingly becoming an integral component of modern

malware. Raul Alvarez shows how Confi cker uses a pseudorandom generator to produce random domain names while retaining its ability to communicate with the Command and Control (C&C) server.

page 18

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