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[UnpackMe] Fort UnpackMe


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Please Unpack and Crack it

Options :

[+] Method Obfuscation

[+] String Enryption

[+] Resource Protection

[+] anti Patch Protection

Best Regards


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I am just trying some methods and commercial protectors in .net and there is no idea to make some thing stronger

Thanks Dear LCF-AT wub.png

Edited by Magician
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The protection scheme is really simply, they used name and string obfuscation and also a flow obfuscation based on delegates calls.

All the calls in this app are redirected to delegates, in the .cctor() of these delegates there is another call to a method that receives an integer, this integer indexes the real method that need to be executed.

The body method is obtained by reflection from a resource file.

The key of the crackme is: HF738HVHXHCIHQ2873H8273HFIUSHF7238HF2F

Removing all the delegates will require me a little bit of programming, perhaps mono.cecil is a good option.

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What about unpacking ? in this case we have so simple target and i think finding password was not so hard but what we can do in complex targets ?

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At entry point:

Assembly assembly = delegate034.m0000ad(delegate034.f000084);

Stream stream = delegate035.m0000ae(assembly, "_", delegate035.f000085);

is infact:

Assembly assembly = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly();

Stream stream = Assembly.GetManifestResourceStream(assembly, "_");

quite easy to deprotect using reflection/mono.cecil

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Seems that "Magician" test all posible comercial .NET protection

in order to use them for "his" next .NET protector.

Unpacked file:

Next ?

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No , i just test them for learning some thing and don't want to use them.Thanks.

I've heard something else ...

So you stopped at CodeFort .NET for "your" protector.

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