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[UnpackMe] Enigma 2.7


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So it seems that Sh4DoVV is no more there at the moment.Just want to know whether my unpacked file is working or not.So can someone of you 26 downloaders give me a short feedback please?

Thank you

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@ Lostin

Thanks for the report but I also see you are using the same system WinXP SP2 like me. :) So just wait for the paper tutorial about ENIGMA by DizzY_D which is maybe comming soon [no idea when or whether it comes or not].So this unpackme only used the first protector VM and no second target VM.Problem for you is that you can't use the VM rebuilder dll by DizzY_D for the first VM only for the 2. target VM if used.So DizzY_D told no one how to use it for this only the other way.

- Prevent 2. Process / patch one API or use Olly 2

- Get IAT / use script

- Get OEP / jmp r32 always to find

- Sort APIs if needed with UIF

- Dump & Fix etc

So this unpackme can you also unpack without rebuild the first VM. :)


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ok dear here my result

I tested it on Windows 7 Ultimate works fine

tested on Windows Xp SP3 works fine

very nice work cheers mate thumbsup.gif

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so easy anti debug, very easy to bypass....i dont know why you call it hard.

KiNd ReGardS

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Hadits follower

enigma compress exe in memomry map . You can simple by olly found the exe in memory map as same reactor 3.x unpacking

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