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Name Patcher Template [ASM]


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Hey guys,

I'm searching for nice Name Patcher source code in asm.

When anybody have sources i would be very happy if this

person could sharecool2.gif


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ty balti for your reply but thats not a name patcher!

I was searching for a patcher with included name field e.g. at offset

00508716 the patcher begins writing the entered name values in Hex.

i've uploaded a screenshot of a patcher example i meant:


But it should have the normal patcher futures like search and replace or just replace, too.

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It is possible that the patch you posted simply writes the name to the Registry.

If it was patching the actual application, you would need to find the place where the name is stored, then copy over that with your name (the HEX bytes, of course). You could find an offset where there is no code and just write the name there. Then, when the application tries to get the name, just point it to where you stored the name. For example, you could find where it stores an "Unregistered" string and overwrite that. Then you could have the application use that overwritten string.

It really depends on what you need to do to patch the application. If a Registry value needs to be written, just write to the Registry key. Otherwise, you might have to do some byte patching.

I assume you can figure out how to do this in ASM.


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well i dont code in asm, but in delphi and asm, instead of writing fixed bytes, you would change that to textbox1.text/edit1.text/memo1.text or whatever your writing in. So a byte patching template is enough. If its writing to the registry then fine, learn how to import registry values. But i have a feeling JohnWho inlined that application somewhere, so then he would always have enough bytes to write the name of the user in...

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thx for your answers but the application I want this patcher for writes definetly not into the registry and also the JohnWho patcher does not.

the patcher only needs to replace some bytes (what the name will be) and i want that the patcher gets the name of the user and

that this name will be as Hex written into the exe on a special offset beginning.


yes inlining would be the only solution (or writing the name in an added file) but i would also be happy when the patcher just patches a maximum of bytes like my program has 7byte replace name.

the problem is that i've no idea of coding, so if anybody knows what i want and has coding knowledge please help me cryss.gif

Of course it could also be another language, i only thought there were the most patcher source examples in asm, so it would be easier to add a function like i want

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