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Ollydbg2 plugin problem


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I have plugin header converted to include for masm32 and my plugin works fine

but i have a a problem with my 2 submenu entry with a one submenu works but not with 2

Then WSTR is a macro for convert to unicode

have you an idea if this not works?

Example Menu:


................- Options


t_menu    STRUCT
Name1 DWORD ? ; Menu command
help DWORD ? ; Explanation of command
shortcutid DWORD ? ; Shortcut identifier, K_xxx
menufunc DWORD ? ; Function that executes menu command
submenu DWORD ? ; Pointer to descriptor of popup menu
;union t_menu
index DWORD ? ; Argument passed to menu function
hsubmenu DWORD ? ; Handle of pulldown menu
t_menu ENDS
WSTR PluginName,"OllyPluginExample"
WSTR PluginInfo,"Plugin Info"
WSTR PluginOption,"Options"
WSTR PluginOptionInfo,"Option info"
WSTR PluginAbout,"About"
WSTR PluginAboutInfo,"About info"
;Menu command,
;Explanation of command
;Shortcut identifier, K_xxx
;Function that executes menu command
;Pointer to descriptor of popup menu
;Argument passed to menu function
;Handle of pulldown menuMainMenu t_menu <PluginName,PluginInfo,K_NONE,MenuHandler,Options ,0>
Options t_menu <PluginOption, PluginOptionInfo,K_NONE,MenuHandler,NULL,1>
About t_menu <PluginAbout,PluginAboutInfo,K_NONE,MenuHandler,NULL,2>;// Plugin menu that will appear in the main OllyDbg menu. Note that this menu
;// must be static and must be kept for the whole duration of the debugging
;// session.
;static t_menu mainmenu[] = {
; { L"Pluginname",
; L"Plugin Info",
; 0, MenuHandler, NULL, 0 },
; { L"Option",
; L"Option Info1",
; 0, MenuHandler, NULL, 0 },
; { L"|About",
; L"About info",
; 0, MenuHandler, NULL, 0 },
; { NULL, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL, 0 }

Or can any translate it correct please?

Thanks all

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XeroNic (HS)

I think 'OllyDbg2' plugin coding is very delicate work...

If one menu is disappeared, check 't_menu' structure values of disappeared menu, In memory.

If 't_menu' structure has invalid value, that menu is not work.

good luck ~ :)

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ida_sigs_pluginmenu    		 t_menu <uni$("Apply IDA Signatures"),uni$("Apply IDA Signatures Info"),K_NONE,MenuHandler,NULL,1>
t_menu <uni$("About"),uni$("About info"),K_NONE,MenuHandler,NULL,2>
t_menu <0,0,K_NONE,0,NULL,0>
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I coding on a new olly2 plugin now ist the question

What for a olly api fill the listbox (matching labels) on the expressions dialog?

Decodeadress convert a adress from jump or call to a symbolic name

before i use Decode address must i find all jumps and calls

was is the Olly api for it

Findglobaljumpscallsto or Findlocaljumpscallsto?

and how i can use this apis?


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