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Forum won't open from specific IP

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yesterday around 21:30 (GMT+2) forum suddenly stopped responding when I try to connect from my home IP (xx.xx.8.92). Webproxies still work, access to my account using other PCs as well. DNS resolves correctly, Tracert command shows that connection times out at some device at **.networklayer.com.

Did my IP trigger some filter by accident? Is there any way to fix it for good?

Thank you,


P.S. Sorry for not posting full IP, I'm sure admins can easily find it in connection logs, other guys don't need to know it. ;)

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Teddy Rogers

You were banned because the server detected a generic SQL injection. I have removed the ban, please try not to do anything naughty again... :)


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Thank you Teddy. :)

Could you please check that "Generic SQL injection" filter of yours? Before the ban I tried to post response in thread (http://forum.tuts4you.com/index.php?showtopic=26862) and my post contained a link to koders.com (to avoid ban I won't repost the exact link) - it's the link that you get when you search for code written in C# and use term COMIMAGE_FLAGS_ILONLY. I wouldn't call that an SQL injection.. ;)

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Teddy Rogers

Yes, I was just making a bit of pun. I have a copy of the message body of the content you were trying to post which was the problem, so I know it was nothing malicious you were trying to do... :)



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