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Problem is that i don know how to Thread for in my dll code !

For my exe i have added dll load . Dll file will load and exit but i need it runn all time. I post her my dll src i hope some one can help made that theard and post asm info for theard .


Best regards


[ sorry my bad English ]

Some ss how dll is hooked meaby hook is wrong

killhacker now changed DLLkill

Antihack src

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From the look of it your DLL has no valid entry point. Your settings for the project don't reset it either so there isn't any DllMain in your code.

You also defined DllKill twice, once that appears to try to be an entry point, while the other is a function.

Change this one:

bool APIENTRY Dllkill(HMODULE hModule, DWORD SystemProcessesScan, LPVOID lpReserved)
return TRUE;

To this:

bool WINAPI DllMain( HINSTANCE hinstDLL, DWORD fdwReason, LPVOID lpvReserved )
return TRUE;

This way your module has a valid point to be looked at when LoadLibrary is called. You don't need to code anything in it, as long as you return TRUE it should stay loaded until you free it. (Or the process closes.)

Then you should be calling GetProcAddress on DllKill. The screenshot client2.png looks correct, just change 'killhacker' to 'DllKill' instead for GetProcAddress.

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1. need you client.exe is full unpack

2. client.exe open to ollydbg

3. entry point is x00423354 save to text file

4. go to free space inject your dll (simple)

db 00
db 00
call antihack.dll
push eax
call killhack.dll
push eax
jmp to x00423354 ://entrypoint
db 00
db 00

5. and save change exe to file

6. now testing

not using c++

learn basic undetected virĂ¼s technics :]

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