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i need to have a simple c++ gui, using the msvc++2008pro IDE. It`s just a small project, so i didnt want to bring wwwidgets or similar into the game...

Since the build-in resource editor doesnt display the location and size of single dialog items (for unknown reasons...)

i was looking for an alternative and came across this: ResEdit 154 - http://www.resedit.net/

That resource editor is awesome...unfortunately, its generated .rc scripts are not compitable with msvc++2008pro, even though the homepage says different:

Importing rc files generated by Microsoft Visual Studio resource editor

Adding a simple dialog resource created by ResEdit crashes msvc++:

// Generated by ResEdit 1.5.4
// Copyright (C) 2006-2010
// http://www.resedit.net#include <windows.h>
#include <commctrl.h>
#include <richedit.h>
#include "resource.h"
// Dialog resources
IDD_DIALOG1 DIALOG 0, 0, 186, 95
CAPTION "Dialog"
FONT 8, "Ms Shell Dlg"
DEFPUSHBUTTON "OK", IDOK, 129, 7, 50, 14
PUSHBUTTON "Cancel", IDCANCEL, 129, 24, 50, 14

it does work if i have resedit create a compiled .res resource script...but then i cant edit the names, etc.

Any resons for this?

what are you guys using to create guis...the build in editor?

dp0 :)

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Of course it displays location and size o_O

Can you just post a screenshot of what's going on?

Honestly I think the built-in editor is the best you can get, any other res editor I tried blows :turned:

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i cant see where it displays size & location...attached screenshot is taken while i select a button.

there isnt much to take a screenshot of, i edit my dialog in resedit save it as a .rc file and import it with visual studio.

when i try to open the imported .rc in the resource view msvc++ crashes.

Honestly I think the built-in editor is the best you can get, any other res editor I tried blows

the main problem is that i cant find where the buildin one diplays location and size...but ResEdit is really comfortable to work with... :)


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You can also right-click the .rc file in the solution and choose 'View Code' to edit the raw code of the resource file.

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I must be a blind fish... :S

THanks for the smiley ;)


dialog logical units are wired though...let me think about that... ;)

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