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[keygenme] Funny keygenme!


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bruter ??

Source :


You call this bruter :P



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What do you call this?

while (mpz_cmp(bGCD, one) != 0)

Try check qpt source and understand what is he doing. Although seems you've already examined it, but not good enough! ;)

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I did check his source but after writing my keygen.

Checking for GCD is a mandate here, as Inverting is the next operation that follows ie Modular Inverse Exists ONLY if they numbers are coprime ie GCD(num1, num2) == 1.

Sure thing the c++ implementation sucks..

And if using a while loop to check gcd is bruting, so is using .repeat .. .until blocks..

Best Regards


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I didn't check the lines after the loop and didn't notice you've used inverse too, because the code is crap.

Your keygen has a delay on key generation. You did something wrong or your implement sucks, whatever I don't really care.

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