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[keygenme] KeygenMe5


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here we go :)

next time, plz use ECC params with non prime order, so i will be able to solve ECDLP in my crappy pc too ;)

and thx to MasterUploader for solving ECDLP for me


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krkrkr, I picked it out Prime by purpose and I doubt if there be any next time ;)

well done anyways. (as I expected! heh)

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hey, whats krkrkr ?

asking coz it has some similarities with my nick :D

If I get some time this week end, I'll try this.

@ qpt^J : Good Work :) & check PM :)

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The crc32 of this is similar to Chooki's 8th. That Drinking Donkey :D

The MD5 seems 2 be modified.

I've not done any work with Cast, so Going by peid, The mystery part is cast.

Now the ecc part isn't ecdsa.

& I need 2 find out what it is.



Edited by KKR_WE_RULE
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im sure KKR didnt checked my sources, not for this kgm, nor for another of yours (well, before posting his solution).

He's not that kind of guy, and he never cheated while solving challenges

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I don't know him. I've just seen him in a few topic. Rarely he posts a keygen or solution but lotsa useless talks everywhere and in any topic. that's what I know from him. In my humble opinion his funny keygenme source was completely copy of your solution and his above post is like a joke, trying to act that he has no idea about protection of this keygenme. A few minutes ago a friend from old underground.me told me This is his style!! and this guy is unchangeable. Actually I don't care, but I would suggest you to put password on your solutions (at least on source) for one or two weeks after posting it. Not just because of this guy or such people, but to keep other crackers interested. personally when I see someone posted keygen or source, it rebates me! Well that's your choice ;)

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I seen alot of **** talks about many ppl around, and to be honest i saw ALOT of situations, when these talks were completely wrong. I never seen any kind of bad behave from him, unlike the others, who uses to remember past, and dig in useless ****, many insulters around hehe . well, i dont know you too, but it doesnt give me right to tell something that will hurt you or so. So just calm down and respect other members here. And what about publishing my sources, i never seen any problems in it, since i was downloading complete solution of already solved crackmes, when i cannot solve them after trying. but anyway, if you dont like this, I'll stop publishing sources, i swear!

Lets stop spamming here, it's Crackmes board, and if you still have something to tell me, drop me a PM or find me at icq

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As I said I don't care, no need to waste time on talking about this.

About the sources, why I should dislike seeing other crackers' solution, But publishing source in first days after a keygenme can rebate willpower of other crackers to solve the challenge. you know..

A proverb says that "All things are difficult before they are easy."

Anyways you can publish source or everything you like, there is no force.

good luck and keep up your good work ;)

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  • 3 weeks later...

KKR is honest and wouldn't cheat, I don't see anything wrong with sources either as keygenme's are a challenge to your self, yeah you will get people reading the source and then claim to have keygenned your solution, Does it matter? this tells me they didn't have the correct knowledge at the time to make the solution but instead read the source and hopefully learnt something new. Is'nt that was keygenning is all about? learning something instead of struggling with something you don't know about.

Great job to all, my skills are not good enough to solve ECC related keygenmes so I wont attempt it just yet, maybe when I gather the skills to do such encrypto I will try it out..

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Is'nt that was keygenning is all about? learning something instead of struggling with something you don't know about.

According to some, thats exactly how it is: a ****ing ego contest >_>

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