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How to add support for PEiD plugins


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Hi all,

I am coding next version of Hash calculator and I am thinking to add support for PEiD plugins.

I know that PEiD plugins have two main calls



But, what I want to know is that, how to dynamically load the dlls present in the folder of Hash calculator ?

As in PEiD, just copy the plugin into the plugin folder and the plugin will be working.

Same thing I want to do. Just copy the plugin to the Hash calculator folder and the plugin will be working with calculator.

How to do this ?

Oh, one more thing, I am coding in MASM, so codes in assembly will be more useful.


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FindFirstFile and FindNextFile for finding all files in the current folder, check if they're DLLs and then load them with LoadLibrary

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MSDN shows some examples in C++ if you are able to understand it enough to convert to MASM:

The jist being that they are like every other enumeration API that can be invoked in a loop. For an MASM example check out:

Once you loop each file just check the extensions first for .dll (or any special extension you plan to use). After that you can either just attempt to load them with LoadLibrary as Kill mentioned, or you can check the headers etc. to ensure they are a DLL and all that fun jazz. Once you have the handle after its loaded you can use GetProcAddress to determine if the export exists.

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