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[ crackme ] The 2011 SEC-T Challenge...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers

The 2011 SEC-T Challenge

This year we are really challenging you all with our hardest puzzle yet! To really give you a fair chance we are releasing the challenge 5 months in advance, that's just how hard it is.

There will be two winners who both will win a free ticket to the conference and special VIP treatment during the event (no travel). The person to send us the correct solution quickest will be the first winner and the second winner will be determined by style and completeness of the attached write-up.

Download the challenge file here and start cracking!




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I have a question.

after right patch....whats should do the crackme?

just show "Correct SEC-T Challenge" instead of "Wrong Password" or sth else should do?

some one tel me.


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Sooo... either try to bruteforce the password or make educated guesses about the contents of the bitmap and work from there?

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I think u should see a Url while reversing or after the correct pass on the "Challenge URL : " window

maybe it depends on the file location address

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