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[Crackme] UST - Anti Debug


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Level: medium

If you enter the correct serial , Runs a program.

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Again a new CrackMe/UnPackMe orginally Decrypt Me from Gladiyator/Nima NT/Magician (in some site with username : HARP)!!

its not a CrackMe its DecryptMe!

one function of Program is XORed(Encrypted)... address:004A18B3

CrackMe will make a Decryption Key from you entered Serial... then try to XOR back to get main Function Opcode.

what do you think?>>

if you enter valid serial app will decrypt it in right way.

if you enter invalid serial app will decrypted...but some invalid opcode!

then app will JMP to 004A18B3

also i think never a new program Runed even after entering valid serial... it seems just a Routine will decrypt

and show a message or other stuff.

also you can find Decrypting Routine at: 0045EDF1 (bp here and analyse for 3,4 time)

may be its incorrect.....but its my Belief...

we discussed about this stupid technic in past about Hefaz UnPackme. its exactly like WinRar

if you enter valid serial>> compressed files will decrypt in right way else ?????

anyway we wait for other persons reply....



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i agree with Raham :lol:

New Decrypt ME From Mr UnCrackable :^


NimaNT > Gladiator_Cracker > Magician > HARP > To Be Continue :lol:

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hehe, i liked such stuff before. when I wrote my first crackme, i did similar trick, but in different way. I just copied opcodes of my crackme's partial code and used it as a serial :)

I thought nobody will be able to guess my code, and i did the first UNCrackable protection, but hey.. then i saw that such things were done before me, and are called Polymorphism, or something like that :D

anyway, this trick may not work, until someone will get a carded key, and wow, keygen for another protector is ready. ;)

But if we add there some kind of hardcore cryptographic algorithm also, then be sure, nobody will be able to keygen your protector, untill someone will think about making keygen with patch.

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I agree with Raham and qpt^J , we can do nothing until we get a key by someone but it seems the writer still doesn't wanna change his opinion !!! :wacko::kick::dunno:


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