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[crackme] Deploy LX 4.1


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Great job JeRRy and yes it is an easy one.

Here is a new way of doing it (untested):

The protected assembly has some reference to DeployLX.Licensing.v4.dll in order to check the license.

You will see this Custom Attribute added to protected assembly:

[assembly: LicenseKey("$m|+... ")]

Search to see which assembly contains this attribute either by searching for the string "LicenseKey" (this one could lead to to many results) either by searching for hexadecimal value 246D7C2B.

The assembly which contains the attribute is not necessary to be the main program; ie. For Deploy LX itself this attribute is contained by DeployLX.CodeVeil.Encoder.v4.dll and DeployLX.Licensing.Management.v4.dll.

You need a dummy Visual Studio project in order to get a value for attribute LicenseKey.

Start DelpoyLXand click on Start Wizard; select your Visual Basic .NET or your C# project:

Visual Studio .NET Projects: *.csproj,.vbproj.

Generate a serial number using the file runtime.lic from project directory (using DelpoyLX).

Of course you will have to compile your project again in order to get a protected assembly; open protected assembly in a hex editor and search for 246D7C2B. First dword (4 bytes) before this is the size of "LicenseKey".

Change the LicenseKey from the target assembly with the one you just protect and register with the generate serial number.

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@exicar: DeployLX.Licensing.v4.dll is not changed: only the value of LicenseKey Custom Attribute will differ; after you change that with your own you should be able to register with generated serial number.

But well :P this is just theory so far - I didn't actually test it to see if works.

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ok, so I would need to decompile the dll before I can use it again?

because I wrote the dll some time ago before my ssd crashed so I lost the source code, but codeveil is really hard to decompile, isnĀ“t it?

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@CodeCracker, tnx, your method works even for new version 5, I have been using reflexil to change licence atribute.

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