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[UnpackMe] VMProtect 2.08 Unpackme


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very good , excellent

Unpacked file worked fine , but one question , it's seems to OEP VMed instruction did not fully translated , am i right ?

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Thanks for testing.

So a complete OEP routine rebuild is not necessary in this and the most cases.Of course it's also possible to rebuild this too but I want to save time.


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Really no one else? I haven't really messed with VMProtect but it seems every time LCF-AT :worthy: unpacks something no one else gives it a shot. Unpackmes are pretty rare. Can anyone else unpack this?

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Hey Magician

You Want Use VMProtect Again in Your Protector ? :lol:

and it's test from Power of VMprotect :^

Sorry Friends For My Noise B)


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