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hey :)

didnt noticed this kgm, sorry :P

heres my "bad" keygen, it is damn slow (because of jB's ECDLP Solver), and sometimes it may generate bad serials heh, maybe because of old miracl library

here are some name/company/serial combinations anyway



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Name: N1ghtm4r3
Company: Apple
Serial: 154416106686081
Counting the number of points (NP) on the curve
y^2 = x^3 + 694C3E2FFC1E *x + 75B8C28F2462 mod C2AEFEA7C15B
j-invariant = 147B163C361
Pollard Lambda (kangaroo) algorithm, try 1
leaps 1DE2, disting 0X00000200, table size 18
Releasing 5 Tame and 5 Wild Kangaroos
NP(nf#2 * Prime) = 2E * 43B74CDA52B*** Done, Thread EXIT ***
x86 ECDLP Solver v0.2a by MR.HAANDI
Elliptic Curve defined by
y^2 = x^3 + 115776181763102*x + 129436398593122
over GF(214056852504923)k*G=K
Initializing rho solver
K=[206431448667472,21779769784848] // based on 'N1ghtm4r3' / 'Apple'
Starting thread 0
Time 2360ms; Steps: 1548416; Points: 770
Found k=154416106686081; time=2500ms

I coded a draft keygen based on MR.HAANDI ECDLP solver (calculate points for name, write to job file and run the solver)

but since qpt already did a good job on this nice keygenme, I won't waste time on finishing my keygen.


Here is the IDA Pro signature file that I made for this keygenme (latest version of miracl)

Maybe someone find it useful ;)


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you still can try to make a generic keygen, since my keygen is buggy. maybe I'll fix it later, by recoding whole algo with GMP and KKR's ECC libs, or by finding working miracl library ( i always had troubles to make it compatible with vs2008, well my C++ skills sux ;p )

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Heh, who cares about bugs in kgm keygens. But if you really want my keygen, I will make it!

In regard to miracl, I've never used vs2008 before, but following version of miracl might help you.

Try import miracl.lib to your Project files.


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Wow good work!

sorry I didn't notice all those sols only now.i thought no one interested.

well, there is a way to keygen it without

ecdlp solver.

the kgm verifies this eq


all you need is to solve 2 ecdlp eq which are





that's all


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