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Why no year in most date fields on the main site?

Guest cypherpunk

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Guest cypherpunk

I promise I tried to search if this was asked/answered elsewhere, but I was wondering why hour/minute info is included in the date column but not the year! It makes it difficult to tell at a glance how up to date (or not) a given tut is liable to be. I realize the full date information is available if you click on a tut, but if you're going to include something like hh:mm info, *not* having the year info seems odd.

Just curious if I'm completely overlooking something and the year info is visible somehow, or if there is some reason why the year info is presented on the individual tut pages, but not everywhere else where you only get Month Day HH:MM.

One post down, WOO! (thanks for an awesome resource/community btw)

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Teddy Rogers

I have modified the display date so it now shows the day, month and year. I omitted the time-stamp as I don't think it is necessary for file downloads. Please let me know if this is okay for you as I can display dates and times in many different ways through PHP...



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