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DDOS Attack Tool


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lol....where`d you pick up this one? :)

WebBrowser61.Navigate("" & TextBox1.Text)
WebBrowser62.Navigate("" & TextBox1.Text)
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He tries to open the website multiple times: 104 times.

but this is not any DDOS Attack lol :lol:

it stincks like any other DDOS Attack Tools.

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not atached any more.

Just use webBrowser1.Navigate(new Uri(address)); method on a tick count

Here is an example:

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I think using bots or zombies are more good DDoS attack these days, tools like this or Zero's etc are shut a ####

By the way thanks CodeCracker, it gives a nice idea.

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Well lets enumerate the possible DoS methods


routine multiple threaded GET request

same as above with POST requests

UDP packets

TCP packets

PING FLOODs (shit i remember the ping of death days)

random SQL injections against a known SQL port

same for SMTP ports

and many more...

all these combined into one big threaded code would do a wonderful amount of data clogging; add in multiple machines and you got a DDoS

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This was never a DDoS tool, it was a skiddy 'DoS' attempt using the web browser control in a Vb app. Most likely originated from HackForums since its the skiddy central of the internet.
Things like this will never accomplish much unless the server is ungodly old or extremely poorly setup.

If you are looking to do a true DDoS (first, why? whats the point) you are going to need a full-blown botnet to do any real damage/downtime to modern tech. Stupid crap like this is not what this site is for though.

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