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[KeyGenMe] T.P.o.D.T's KeyGenMe #1


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For the group T.P.o.D.T I created a KeyGenMe... It has no public encryption and is just based on my own fantasy...

Download it here

I hope you guys can solve it...

Solution = Keygen + Source + Tutorial (really nice for newbies learning)...

Mr. eXoDia // T.P.o.D.T 2011


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Weird I attached it too but apparently it failed :)

Mr. eXoDia

PS Already solved it? :)

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I made a quick keygen in masm, but I ripped your whole algo. I'm too lazy not to rip it. :D

Easier and quicker that way. :P

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where is the fun ripping the code ?

here is my quick try, code can be optimized.

tnx for the keygenme.

i, j, x, Len: Integer;
Name: string;
Name2: string;
Buffer: array of Char;
tmp1, tmp2, tmp3:Integer;begin
Name:= Edt1.Text;
for i := 1 to 12 do
Name2 := Name2 + Name; Len := Length(Name2);
i:= 1 ;
j:= 0 ;
x:= 6;
Buffer[j] := c h r(ord(Name2[i]));
Buffer[j] := c h r(ord(Name2[Len]));
until x = 0 ; Name := '';
i := 0;
j := 12;
tmp1 := ord(Buffer[j]);
tmp2 := ord(buffer[i]);
tmp3 := tmp1 + tmp2;
Name := Name + Format('%X%X%X',[tmp1,tmp2,tmp3]);
until i= 12;
Len:= Length(Name);
Name := Copy(Name,2,Len);
Len:= Length(Name);
Name2 := '';
for i := 1 to Len do
tmp1 := StrToInt('$'+Name[i]);
if tmp1 <> 9 then
Name2 := Name2 + IntToHex(tmp1,0);
if i mod 10 = 0 then
Name2 := Name2 + '-';
Name2 := copy(Name2,1,Length(name2)-1);
Edt2.Text := Name2;end;
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True that. I might make another one in BC++ if I have time, just to practice C++.

And you already posted Delphi source...

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@sama: Maybe spoiler the code block...? (I don't know if there are spoilers on this site btw)

@saduff: yes it would be nice if you code it for 'real'...

Mr. eXoDia

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