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[KeygenMe] KeygenMe #14


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i thought it would be harder :)

I thought so too. :D

Wasn't my intention to make it very hard though.

The hash is not made by me. Does anyone know what hash it is?

And great job both of you. Too easy for you. ;)

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I thought it's by you so just ripped it, otherwise would search and save time.

btw, seems it's been made to confuse cracker, Blowfish/SHA signs(due to using a few elements of them) illustrates it.

anyways, the keygenme was ok, keep it up :)

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There's only a C implementation available for that hash though.

It does use the SHA-256 init constants and PI fraction.

I compiled the C code and then ripped it and thus made a masm implementation. :D

Would be cool if someone identifies the hash. :)

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@Saduff: Not sure why you didn't try to code it in Delphi, anyways here is my solution:

[couldn't attach]

As for the hash used, here is the link:

Thanx for the challenge.

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Nice one, ChOoKi. Good job for identifying the hash. :)

And sure I could try to code it in Delphi, but I prefer masm for KeygenMes.

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@ tim619: Having no need for it anymore after Saduff's OK, I must have deleted it :(

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