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[keygenme] Goliath's KeyGenMe #1 by CANTELMO SOFTWARE


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Goliath's KeyGenMe #1 by CANTELMO SOFTWARE

Welcome! You may try to break this 'digital signature scheme' if you want to demonstrate your skills. Only the author of the *first* solution win:

* nr. 1 License use of Goliath .NET Obfuscator (Enterprise Edition)

* Assurance Program

KeyGenMe information:

* Platform: Windows

* Compiler: VB .NET 2008 (FW 2.0)

* Difficulty: ? - you can solve this yourself?

* Protection: Goliath .NET Obfuscator


* patching;

* bruteforcing in the keygen.


* writing a keygen with tutorial.


* All great reversers out there.


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