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Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers

Hack in the Box 6 has been published...

We've got loads of awesome content lined up as always including a feature article/interview with Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer at social network behemoth Facebook and keynoter at the 2nd annual HITBSecConf in Europe. Along side Joe, we also sat down with Chris Evans who participated in the keynote panel discussion on the Economics of Vulnerabilities to talk about Google's Vulnerability Rewards program.

While we're on the subject of our 2nd annual HITBSecConf, HITB2011AMS, the .MY and .NL teams did a fantastic job as always with over 45 international speakers joining us for 2 days of madness! We had some pretty kick *** presentations including a special live EMV (EuroPay MasterCard Visa) hack and the much sought after 'ELEVATOR' from Stefan 'i0nic' Esser. Read on for the special report in this issue from our friends at Random Data (a Hackerspace in Utrecht) who not only participated in the Hackerspaces Village but also won the ITQ Hackerspaces Challenge featuring Lego Mindstorms! Photos from the event are up on http:// photos.hitb.org/

June also sees us celebrating the next phase in the ®evolution of the HITB news portal with the launch of the all new HITB landing page and HITBSecNews site (http://news.hitb.org). Powered by Drupal 7.2, the portal features a slick new layout with full social media integration so you can now link your Facebook or Twitter accounts when commenting on stories or sharing articles.

Enjoy the zine, have a great summer and get your spy glasses ready for Issue 007's special feature on spy/surveillance gadgets!



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HITB Issue #7

Cover Story - What Would We Do Without Enemies

Database Security - Extending SQL Injection Attacks Using Buffer Overflows – Tactical Exploitation

Windows Security - Windows Security Hardening Through Kernel Address Protection

Professional Development - CISSP® Corner 34


Application Security - Beyond Fuzzing: Exploit Automation with PMCMA

Network Security - Intrusion as a Service Using SHODAN

Studies on Distributed Security - Event Analysis in Cloud



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Teddy Rogers

HITB Issue #8

Hello readers and welcome to issue #8.

It's been a while since the release of the last issue and no, we are not dead yet.

First, some bad news - this issue has less goodies compared to all the previous issues sad.png but that's only because we've been busy preparing something really REALLY special for you before the world ends wink.png

Yes, we are big fans of the ancient Mayans and since this will be the last ever HITB conference in their calendar, we are working extremely hard to make sure HITB2012KUL in Malaysia will be the biggest and baddest HITB conference... ever! Trust us when we say the pain of missing our 10th year anniversary event is beyond words!

In the meantime, please enjoy all the little things we've put together for you in Issue 008 and be prepared for some really juicy stuff coming to you later this year! Till then - keep on hacking!

Have fun reading this issue and more to come in issue #9!!



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HITB Issue #9

Hello readers and welcome to the somewhat overdue Issue 009 of HITB Magazine. As they say, better late than never!

Originally, Issue 009 was supposed to have been released along side our 10th year anniversary conference in Kuala Lumpur, HITB2012KUL last month. However, the madness of putting on a conf with 42 of our most popular speakers from the last decade combined with celebrating 10 years of HITB awesomeness was just too much and we had to put the magazine release on hold.

But with all good things that take time, we think you’ll be well pleased with what we have lined up for you in this issue as it’s packed to the brim with hacking goodness including articles on Android Persistent Threats and a deeper look at the Memory Copy Functions in Local Windows Kernel Exploitation!



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Teddy Rogers

HITB Issue #10

Hello readers and welcome to the somewhat overdue Issue 010 of HITB Magazine. As they say, better late than never!


Since the last issue, we've also changed the HITB Security Conference Call for Papers submission guidelines to now require speakers to submit a research 'white paper' to accompany their talk. The first round of papers came to us via
#HITB2013KUL in October and thankfully we now have loads of AWESOME CONTENT! We've got so much good stuff we could have probably put together two issues even!


With the new change to the CFP submissions, we've decided to also change our publication schedule for 2014 to a 'per HITB SecConf' release cycle. This means you can expect a new magazine approximately every 6 months
which we'll release alongside a HITB Security event.


What else do we have planned for 2014? Well next year also marks the 5th year anniversary of the HITB Security Conference in Amsterdam and we're celebrating it in traditional HITB fashion – by adding something special to our line up – our first ever HITB hacker expo! A 3-day IT security and technology exhibition unlike anything that's been done before. Think RSA or Mobile World Congress meets Makerfaire with a generous touch of HITBSecConf thrown in for good measure. What exactly does that mean? Imagine an area dedicated to hackerspaces; makers with 3D printers, laser cutters and other fabrication goodies coupled with TOOOL's Lock Picking Village, HITB and Mozilla's HackWEEKDAY developer hackathon, our Capture the Flag 'live hacking' competition and more all wrapped around a 3-day exhibition with Microsoft and Google as the main anchors. The cost to attend? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Yup, entrance to HITB Haxpo will be F-R-E-E! Head over to http://haxpo.nl for further details and to register (we've got a new registration system too!) On behalf of The HITB Editorial Team, I hope you enjoy this special end of year issue we've put together and we wish you all a very Happy New Year, and have a great time ahead!





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