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[Delphi] how to Sniff serial from dll files


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hi dears

how we can switch to dll files in memory and sniff serial in delphi?

sorry for poor english


Search in the programing section for sniff serial or serialsniffer

I think it gives 2-3 example in delphi or translate Masm or c++ code in delphi

and Get the module base of your dll. (Module32First etc.)

Now ModuleBaseaddress + ReadAddress =eax

mov eax, ModuleBaseAddr

add eax,60B4h ; Read address thats hold the serial

ReadProcessMemory pInfo.hProcess, eax.....................


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Hi Dear h4sh3m :thumbsup:

Can Use Oraclum source code by ARTeam

but source is ASM :sweat:



hi dear BLaCkViRuS

please put it's download link & if you have any delphi source plz share it !


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OpenProcess -> CreateToolhelp32Snapshot (SNAPMODULE) -> ReadProcessMemory (With condition Loop) -> GetThreadContext -> WriteProcessMemory.

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Password : h4sh3m

I'm Packed files with nSpack 3.7 and it's signature is virus in some antivirus Softwares.

N-Joy my friends

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