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Using bignum library


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I have a function that converts me from any base to base 10 but the result is very long and it cannot be stored in an integer. Can someone explain me how should i use bignum lib so i can print result?

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Depends on which bignum library you use. For example OpenSSL BigNum lib has functions:

char *BN_bn2hex(const BIGNUM *a);
char *BN_bn2dec(const BIGNUM *a);BN_bn2hex() and BN_bn2dec() return printable strings containing the hexadecimal and decimal encoding of a respectively.
For negative numbers, the string is prefaced with a leading '-'. The string must be freed later using OPENSSL_free().

EDIT: fixed formatting.

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ISO-C and most C++ compilers support 64bit integer (long long) and their unsigned equivalents. Maybe that's enough for your needs.

unsigned long long ul64 = 1111111122222222ULL;

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