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[KEYGENME] Alone girl


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Hey friends,

Here is a new KeygenMe with GUI and no frustrating music, coded for newbies.

Implemented some basic crypto, so they can learn something.

Rules are common and yet simple :

1. No fishing

2. No patching

3. Only a valid keygen with tutorial and source are welcomed :hug:

Hope, to see a good solution with a tutorial.

External download link : http://uppit.com/5az29tid3lq3/KeygenMe_2.zip

KeygenMe is also uploaded here.

KeygenMe 2.zip

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Who is the Alone girl ?

I may be intersted ... :wub:

Funny bro :woot:

Actually, the skin I used is an Avtar Image of one of our team member "Barbie"

And actually sorry CodeRipper, she is busy with me :yahoo:

Lets come to the point. Good solutions !!! but where is the tuto ?

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So simple (...

Not modified Base-64 (Name)

But for newbies also this keygenme could be interest/

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Lets come to the point. Good solutions !!! but where is the tuto ?

Why should there be?

String concatenation + unmodded base32 doesnt deserve a tutorial.

More than anything, it will only help people code a base64 implementation :/

You could have modded it with a Caesar cipher at least. >_>

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@DimitarSerg :

Nice one brother. You are first one who full filled the challenge. :thumbsup:

@Mudlord :

Yes, bro. It is coded for newbies.

And second one thing :

Base64 + String concatenation + Last char

The matter is last char :teehee:

But anyway, thanks for idea!

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Not base32, it's base64... And there is one interesting thing - last char...

My short Tutor:

Yeah, thanks for correcting me. Knew it was base64, cant believe I put 32 in....rofl. :S

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