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I'm sorry, i wasn't sure where to post this.

Anyway, I was wondering, I read the rules to make sure I wouldn't be breaking any of them, but i'm not sure, so i want to ask before i start a topic about anything that might upset people.

I would like to find help cracking a commercial program, although i'm not sure if talk about this kind of thing is permitted, thats why i'm asking, is it?

I've been working on cracking it for about 1 or 2 months now, and i was able to find the algorithm for the key, then i realized it was packed, took me forever, but searching around i was able to find what i needed to unpack it on this site. after unpacking it, i'm going through the registration process again, and i found where it connects to the internet, and verifies the key, i found what the internet returns with when its a key that has not been purchased yet. going through, i also found, and i'm working with trying to find the exact syntax, what it looks for in the returned messaged from the internet. the returned message "should" contain a "(name of program)_datebegin" "(name of program)_dateend" and two others im not totally sure about "ATLK_BEGIN" "ATLK_END". I keep going through and through and have questions, and i would like to be much much more specific, but i don't know if i can on these forums.

so If i can be more specific, please let me know! btw i found many helpful things on this forum, thats why i'm coming here now

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Teddy Rogers

Rules are really quite simple, if you follow them you won't be banned. If you can't follow them it is probably best you don't post what you have to say so you don't get banned. Read point 10...



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  1. DO Show what work you have done, and where you are having problems understanding an algo
  2. DO Upload keygenme/crackme/unpackme targets to the board
  3. DO Ask for advice on debugging/analyzing techniques
  4. DON'T Upload commercial targets to the board
  5. DON'T Ask for anyone to crack or reverse your target, in whole or part

Follow that and you should be fine. Screenshots displaying your problems helps for item 1. Most people will be happy to help you if you follow those rules.

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ok, great, thank you guys, your posts were very helpful and clear. I was just unsure if it meant asking for someone to reverse a program for you was against the rules or just asking questions about reversing a commercial program was against the rules.

So before i make any post that gets me banned, i just want to make sure, is even asking questions about reversing a commercial program ok on these forums? or is any talk at all about reversing commercial programs an automatic ban? I've done some simple keygen me's before and cracked a couple simple programs too, i like to do it, i'm not just doing it for this one program, i just decided to move it up a notch, and it looks like i may have bit off a little more than i could chew, i've spent about 1 and a half months straight working with this one, and i'm SO CLOSE NOW, i feel like i want to give up because i've spent so much time, but because i've spent so much time i would hate it to be in vein.

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No problem talking about changing and revere engineering protections/programs. No commercial names in the topic titles though.

If someone request the commercial name for analysis to help you it is not a problem.

This forum would be boring if we couldn't talk about reversing commercial targets.

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