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How i can get commands of a debugged process ?


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I search how i can get each commands of a debugged process in OllyDbg.

I think i need to use this function : ulong Readcommand(ulong ip,char *cmd);

My program entry point :

004C5C74 > $ 55 PUSH EBP

Commande : string;if Readcommand($004C5C74, PAnsiChar(Commande)) > 0 then
// success
// error

But when u try it, it's not working :(

Readcommand return all time 0 !

I need to have : Commande := 'PUSH EBP'

Can you help me ?



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I have no Experience about Delphi

Readcommand return the size of bytes


local cmd [256]:DWORD invoke Readcommand,0040100Ch, addr cmd
.if eax!=0


BYTE szCmd[MAXCMDSIZE]; dwAddr = dwBase + dwOffset; nRetCode = Readcommand(dwAddr, (char *)szCmd);
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ragdog, and cmd contains the instruction ?


Yes correct

Reads command from the memory of debugged process and restored breakpoints. Returns length of the read code (at most MAXCMDSIZE bytes) or 0 if memory can't be read.

Note: Any access to the memory in different process is extremely time-expensive. As in many cases different parts of OllyDbg access same command several times, Readcommand maintains small 1-command cache significantly improves the wholesave productivity of OllyDbg. If you need to access several compactly placed commands, Readmemory is usually much faster.

ulong Readcommand(ulong ip,char *cmd);


ip - address of the command in the memory space of debugged process. If ip is 0, function invalidates cache and returns 0;

cmd - buffer of length at least MAXCMDSIZE bytes that receives command.

You can all Read about Api Interface in Plugins.hlp of the Pdk package from Olly

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Thanks for your precisions ragdog.

Do you know why memory can't be read, because Readcommand return all time 0 ?

I need to change memory rights access ?


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Readcommand does not return the assembler instruction. It does return the opcode of the command.

Maybe you have to use a char array instead of string for this function, not sure.

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Commande : string;if Readcommand($004C5C74, PAnsiChar(Commande)) > 0 then
// success
// error

Ok, firstly you haven't initialized the Commande string in this code. If you are using a string as a buffer you must first give it a size, and it might help to initialize the chars to nulls too.

Secondly, it's a string not a buffer, meaning that it's data starts at 1 not 0. So to reference the data at index 1 it's best to use @Commande[1]

But anyway, code should look more like this:

Cmd : Array [0 .. MAXCMDSIZE-1] Of Char;
Len : DWord;
FillChar(Cmd, MAXCMDSIZE, 0);
Len := Readcommand($004C5C74, Cmd);
If (Len > 0) Then Begin
// Do further processing ..
End Else Begin
// Fail ..

In Delphi an array of chars is treated as a PAnsiChar, so usage is exactly the same.

Also, you might want to check out my Delphi PDK, which will make your plugin compatible with OllyDbg and Immunity Debugger (including patched OllyDbg editions)

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Thanks for your help and example BoB, work's fine !

Readcommand return opcode, but i want to get assembler instruction, do you know what functions i need to use for get assembler instruction of a given address ?

Thanks a lot,


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Yeah, use this:

Function Disasm(src: PChar; srcsize: ULONG; srcip: ULONG; srcdec: PChar; disasm: p_disasm; disasmmode: Integer; threadid: ULONG): ULONG; cdecl;
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