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Spy-ware check - list of antyspyware tools


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Spy-ware check - list of antyspyware tools

Anti-Spyware: Reviews

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so I have only a short question to all members and use your topic if you don't mind CodeCracker


So I just wanna ask which Spyware scanner are good and are not overloaded [like the latest TuneUp 2014 tool so this is really overloaded so there I prefer still version 2008 which more manually setting features etc you know what I mean] with some useless stuff etc?


- Do you had already some experience with different tools and if yes which one good and not good?


So at the moment I am looking for any kind of those tools which have also a "realtime scanner" / update functions / freeware if possible / little advanced settings - tool should ask me whether to delete a found bad file or not etc / lower size tool / low system resources requirement / no extra toolbars installing or asking or hidden installing etc = clean installer of the app only if possible.


I have checked already a little on internet and found here some kind of top list.....are there some good or more trash?Do you use one of these with success?



If you know any good tools then just which I could test then tell me on this topic so this would be nice.


Thank you


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Its me again,


short info: So I have test a little around and found a tool called MABM (MalwarebytesAntiMalware) and it looks not bad so far and also works with some bad files I have using for testing to check the tool whether it can find it.


So the only problem what I have now is with the realtime scanner a little.So the first time I select any bad file and then popups a message by the tool about "found xy" (its good so far to get this message) and where I can choose ignore / quarantine and now I choose ignore but if I now go again on this file then the message does no more popup and the tool does just log the access on this file in a log file where I can see "ALLOW" at the end.


So where can I change the settings so that I get always this popup message window?So normaly I just wanna get this popup each time if I access any bad file also if I press ignore for this time you know but I found nothing in the settings about that.Also I found no file where the infos about the already scanned files are stored which I could delete to get the popup message again if I select the bad file.


Do you maybe know where to setup this as I want it?



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Hi again,


ok so now I have test this MBAM again but I have some problems with this tool so it does not work anymore after a reboot.


1. I tried a older version 1.5x


After installing + database update the realtime protection mode works if I select any bad file.


2. Now I have seen there are a newer version of this tool and have installed this now and this new version has a temporary allow choice if the realtime protection mode found something in a file which I have selected also the popup message come again and again so thats good so far but the problem is that the RPMode is also slow so if I press temprary ignore and if I select now the same file again very quick then NO popup comes this time = RPMode failed so it just need 2-3 seconds before it works again and this is a didadvantage.


3. Now I checked them both and see that also both versions make the same problems and that the RPMode is no more working after a reboot!?!The question is why!All services are running so that it should work but it does not work anymore also if I stop / restart these sercices etc so there is no effect anymore.The only thing what I can do it to uninstall and re-install the app to get it work again till I reboot again.


Has anybody of you any idea why it not works after a reboot?Does anybody use this tool?


Exsample: So I have some files which are malware and stored then into a extra folder only to let check them with some tools like this to see whether the tool is also working or not.After installing MBAM give me a info if I have select a file of these bad files or it moved the file into quarantine [in settings you can choose what MBAM has to do].So I did choose that the tool give me a popup info.All working so far after installing this tool and I did always choose "temporary ignore" so that the bad file keeps in my folder.Now I reboot and the app starts in tray and RPMode is also enabled and services are running so that all should work now and if I now select any bad files again then nothing happend anymore = no alert popup etc.Thats the problem.



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MBAM have their own forums here I think your best chance of getting an answer is either to search their forums or post your question there.


FWIW in my experience real-time protection only works if your MBAM is registered, and I'm not sure whether you've said whether your version is registered or not. If your version is not registered, then this may be why you're having issues with real-time protection.

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no the realtime protection can you also test in trial mode. :) Just wanna say that the problem is fixed now so one of my Firewall Service was the problem which don't work together with MBAM correctly anymore after a reboot so thats also the reason why the tool did work on VM where I did already wonder.


Ah ok,so I have no idea which spyware app is the best or not etc so was also just looking for any app which useed a realtime check mode.MBAMs RTM does work so far but is also not perferct so its still possible that any user of this software can access infected files after a press on the popup message [ignore temporary] so I think the app used any to long set values of sleep or Wait.... APIs in the latest version.So the older version 1.5x was working faster better in this case but this version had no [temporary Ignore] option.The MBAM Service in the latest version also eats a lot memory.Anyway,so both versions have some advantages & disadvantages. :)


Thanks also for your hint RDGMax



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