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Generate md5 hash


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Teddy Rogers

Some information every once in while is always useful. I know the topic title pretty much says it all but... board etiquette? :sorc:


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Codripper, right the file is infected and even after 2 days of his post. He did not make it clear what this actually is? Good to delete the post and ask why he posted that infected one??

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First file: DED9E794CAAFA9C6829EDBF43889CFD0

Second file: C92A48031AD398C4B3F4F217E37E91D5


* first file is packed by unmodified UPX. Unpack using "UPX -d"

* second file is packed by UPX, UPX headers are changed and then some cryptor applied on top of it. Bypass cryptor layer using debugger, dump exe from memory, relocate sections to original places, fix PE headers, fix UPX headers, copy import table from original file, unpack using "UPX -d"

Time spent: 25 minutes.

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