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Help me use SetWindowsHookEx.


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I need you help me. I want to use SetWindowsHookEx to hook a function exported from a dll to a run a process but it did not work. Detail: I'm have 3 files: Audition.exe, Hooker.exe & DllHook.dll, I'm using Hooker.exe to load that dll & execute function SetHook (exported in dll for Hooker.exe use it). SetHook function in dll will excute to use SetWindowsHookEx to hook a other function in dll into Audition.exe. If hook success it'll show a nag is the PID of Audition.exe process is running. But it's hook isn't success. I want to you help me.
This is code in DllHook:

library DllHook;uses
Classes;{$R *.res}Procedure Thread;
MessageBox(0,PChar(IntToStr(GetCurrentProcessId)),PChar('PID '),MB_OK);
end;Procedure Main;
nul: Cardinal;
end;Procedure SetHook;
PID: Cardinal;
if SetWindowsHookEx(WH_CBT,@Main,0,PID) = 0 then
MessageBox(0,PChar('Hook is error...'),PChar('Error'),MB_OK);
This is project of it, i uploaded in attachment file. I hope yous hlp me right now. Tkz vzy much! Edited by vic4key
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1) Error handling is for sissies. Your code is so perfect that you will never need to know what went wrong. Oh, wait..

2) Who cares about calling conventions? Code compiles, so it should be fine..

3) ThreadId is the same as ProcessId. After all, it's just a number, right?..

4) nil, nul, NULL. Sounds the same, so they will work the same..


Sorry, your code is broken in so many ways that nobody can help you. Go back to school, read a lot, learn a lot and start again from scratch.

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Tkz kao, but i tried vzy much to find error into it but dont know where wrong. In my school after year learn Pascal. Not learn Delphi. Now we're learning Office. I'm vzy stupid. U can hlp me edit to hook successful? :) Tkz

Edited by vic4key
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