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[crackme] Find the Password


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i couldn't post in the crackmes section, so here is a little crackme for you to bypass.

dificulty level: easy

accepted solutions:

-find the password, all 'tablets' must be 'pushed'

-the sequence of pushed tablets

i.e. [4,1], [2,4] etc

-optional: ALL the possible sequences


-a tutorial would be great

sorry again for posting in wrong section, but i couldn't post it in correct section

if any mod sees this, please move it to correct section

download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?9l9e0nf57mvkzk6


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Teddy Rogers

HBK, please attach crackme's to the topic so the content is retained on the board for future download. Thanks...


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I am a complete beginner, only started couple of months ago and been doing lots of reading and trying these simple crackme's

I am kind of stuck on this one. Am I right in using ollydbg or need to use another tool. Can someone give me a push in right direction, ie what to look for (for finding the location of the key on the program’s keyboard).

Thanks in advance

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Chack addrees 00401599 MOV EAX,1

and password 13 keys

thankyou. have a nice day.

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a 2 1

b 4 1

r 3 2

a 2 3

c 2 2

a 4 2

d 1 2

a 2 3

b 1 4

r 2 4

a 3 4

a 3 3

a 4 4



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