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The first stage of Project Shellcode aims to become the knowledge

base for all shellcode related resources, including white papers,

tutorials, tools, links, assembly code, and of course shellcode.

This will allow the community to submit their own shellcode and

shellcode related resources to the project so that they are available

for others to use and learn from, as well as allowing them to extend

their own knowledge and skills by gaining access to new materials

and previously unreleased shellcode. This also allows a bridge to

be created that enables those new to shellcoding to use the

resources at hand to advance their skills so that they too can

contribute their own work as they progress.

The second stage of Project Shellcode aims to develop into a

"Shellcode Development Framework".

This framework will provide modular code based on new and

existing shellcode techniques. This will provide Shellcoders

with an easy to use interface that enables them to take

advantage of existing code modules to create new and

exciting shellcode, as well as develop their own modules

that can be incorporated into the framework. This modular

design will allow the code modules to be tuned and extended

as improved techniques are revealed, as well as new modules

created as new technologies and security improvements are

released, causing shellcode possibilities to be endless.



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