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Hello All,

I am working on one of the Keygen exercises and have a question I would like to ask but am unable to reply to the topic or create a new one? Do I simply need to wait until my account is approved by an admin if so I apologise.


*** Nevermind seems that I am able to my post question now that I have posted once in here. ***

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I had a similar problem here, what do u know? your trick works ;)

Nice one ISquishWorms

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There are no restrictions on new members for starting or replying to topics providing they have verified their email address to validate the account. The only exception was in the CrackMe forum which is where I think you guys must have been trying to post. There was a minimum one post rule that I set to help prevent new members registering an account and posting crack requests there - and me having to waste my time trashing the topic/post and banning that member. However I have now removed the restriction and I will see how it goes in the future...



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I have enabled the restriction again. It hasn't even been a week and I've had to trash topics and ban a number of people posting in that forum...



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