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[crackme] CrackMe (VMP)


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If you successfully cracked it , then you will see this



Only patch or cracked EXE is allowed.

No keygen

No serial fish


Good luck .


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Attached crackme to the topic as stated as a requirement in the forum rules...
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Inline VMprotect with VM_nonsense code patch.


fixed link, stupid upload site.

Nice br0 , quosego :hug:

You zero'd the EAX after VbaStrCmp done . That's why you called it "nonsense" ? :^

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The code I replaced was nonsense. Some esp-4 value change which had no effect on the hashkey/VM_code offset.

Shouldn't be to hard to edit the VM-code though to patch the jump. nice crackme.

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Please remember to follow and adhere to the topic title format - thankyou!

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