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Today I got a cold call from a woman claiming my computer had been playing up because I had accessed a webpage with a virus or opened SPAM with malware. Normally I put the phone down on cold calls but at the mention of a computer security issue I had to play along for a laugh to see what was up. This type of computer scam (cold call malware) is new to me. She asked me to go to Event Viewer and check the Application error logs and unsurprisingly there were a lot of errors and warnings. This is of course to legitimise the reason for the call and to justify what was to happen next. She asked me to go to www.support.me which then redirected me to https://secure.logmeinrescue.com/Customer/Code.aspx


She told me she needed to get a six digit code to give me so I could login and then have them "fix" up my machine. When she went off to do that I hung up simply because at the time I didn't have a honeypot for her to install and do whatever she was claiming to do. Had I had some time and a spare system at hand I would have thoroughly enjoyed seeing what this scam is in its entirety.

Does anyone know anything more on this? I did a quick search and all I found was this page about it...



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My mother has had several cold calls from people claiming to represent Microsoft. She simply tells them that she hasn't called Microsoft and that their services will not be required, then terminates the call without further interaction.

JMC31337, while i'm sure your question was rhetorical, i honestly don't think that factors like that are even considered. Even if they were, unless they'd compromised the system, how would they be able know that Teddy is Admin here?

If they haven't compromised the system then its a curious thing that they can get phone numbers and cold call people...

If they have compromised the system then cold calls about www.supportme.com are the least of all worries, social engineering is only one facet of the crap these types of scum will attempt to use against you to get your money/data...



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Another company called me today (probably same guys) going by the name of, "Tech for Help". I asked them to call me tomorrow so it gives me time to get a machine setup they can abuse...


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I had the same call, but sent me to a different domain, but yeah I played along for a bit, I found the event viewer funny, she asked if I had any "yellow" or "red" icons in event viewer and when I answered yes, she gasped OMG you have been infected and will need to get our expert technical computer system blahh blahh blahh personal to fix this for you by going to blahh blahh web site for a live fix. I dont recall the exact domain name now but it had some antivirus name. Surprise to me the phone number was not private and showed up on Caller ID, I was meaning to report this to telstra but had forgotten about it until I seen this thread.


Just read the article posted in first post, The scam attempted on me was'nt like this as they where willing to "fix my Pc" free lol

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