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[.NET] Fixed Mono.Cecil for Windows Phone 7 incl. Source


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Try Mono.Cecil if you need System.Reflection.Emit in

Windows Phone 7

As .NET compact framework never support System.Reflection.Emit,

we can’t use Reflection.Emit in Windows Phone 7 development. So, it

prevents us from porting the existing frameworks like Unity, Castle Dynamic Proxy,

Moq and etc to Windows Phone 7 development platform. I was looking all options

that helps us to use Reflection.Emit in Phone 7. The first option that I check is to

port Mono code to Silverlight for Phone 7 version. The second option is to use Mono Cecil

that is using in Mono Core. And the third option is to use EmitCF but I don’t see any

update after beta release so I guess this project is dead already. So, I decided to give

a try on Mono Cecil.

Mono Cecil supports Silverlight, Compact Framework and .NET desktop version. So, it’s

very easy to make Cecil work on Phone 7. All I have to do is to create a conditional called

CF in csproj file and then it will work like a charm. I submitted a patch to Mono Cecil but

Jb Evain said that he doesn’t want to provide csproj officially so I will make the files

downloadable here.


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could you please provide how do i replace reflection.Emit code with MonoCecil, i am basically trying to use a sample source in windows phone which is using Reflection.Emit.DynamicMethod, Reflection.Emit.ILGenerator.

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