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board isssues?or just me!


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hey guys! i had/have a problem with the website!

yesterday, when i tryed to reply on a PM ,everytime when i pressed "post" button, i was redirected to http://tuts4you.com/search.php

and since then, i cant access the forum! first i thought it was down, but i check it and it was just me!

now i am using annonymous web service to enter on it!

anybody has this issue?

how to solve it?

thnx in advance!


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you got PM!

whats strange...i can send PM without problems( still only with the help of annonymousing web service/proxy)! but when i try reply of an PM again i am redirected to main page/search! :(

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teddy that's exactly what I had, when I supposedly exploited some php exploit according to the server.

Never had it again though.

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I think you have not been banned by the server, more likely you have triggered a protection feature. Possibly the content in the body of you PM is being flagged as an attack. Why though when you are not using a proxy does this come in to effect...

If the content of the PM is not private could you email it to me please or does this regard all emails you are trying to send?


Edit: @ quosego, it doesn't seem like he is banned just unable to send messages and post if not behind a proxy?

Edited by Teddy Rogers
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all seems to be working fine now! donno if its because i've done a reset to my modem to get a new ip or you fix it! ;) thnx Ted!

btw: Even when i used the proxy , i couldnt reply on PMs! sending new ones were working fine! ;)

now its all cool, i can access thw website without proxy and reply on msg its working!


dont think that the problem was caused because i wanted to reply with some links inside msg!

anyway, see your inbox! to check them out!

thnx again!

Best regards,


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