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I need help to uncap fps in games


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Hello everyone.

The reason of this topic is because I want to make a program to uncap the framerate of some games.

I got inspired when I saw some patches achieving unlimited fps on games capped at 30 fps. (Blade Kitten, Transformers: War of Cybertron, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, etc).

I tried to do a d3d hook and also tried to look at those patches in Olly (some of them were packed with PECompact/UPX) but unfortunately my reversing skills are still too weak to know what they did... so in the end I had no success...

I'm asking for some help as there are very talented and experienced people here at tuts4you.

I really want to know how to do this, specially for learning purposes.

I appreciate any help or clues you can give me.

Thanks everyone!


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Uncapping FPS in some games can have unwanted effects, such as the entire game speeding up if they are using an FPS cap to handle relationships with objects and the game.

Typically FPS is capped using API like:

- GetTickCount()

- timeGetTime()

- QueryPerformanceCounter

- QueryPerformanceFrequency

You can either find the functions calling these (or other similar timing API) and alter the function itself, or you can hook the API and fake their return values to get the desired FPS increase.

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Hi atom0s.

I already tried looking at QueryPerformanceFrecuency and QueryPerformanceCounter.

I'll try to look at the other API calls.

Thanks for your reply!


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