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[unpackme] Enigma Protector 2


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Hi dear professors and Users

The main goal is unpackme file type that is hard

packed Enigma protector

Enabled Option:

Anti debugger

Code Redirection

Anti BP

Anti Virtual Drive

Anti pr


Good Luck Any Buddy


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@ Jupiter2000

Your unpackme does not run!


Did you changed something in the unpackme.EXE that this exe not start?Please test the unpackme again and upload a working new file if you can.

PS: What is "Anti pr" <-- ?


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File is completely safe and is not broken

I must be on file(crackme) must then be applied to CD Wright

The crackme should be burn on CD later in the run method(AntiVirtual Drive NEW) in the crackme

Is used to make way for the problem could unpack

This file is copied on the hard drive does not work

This file is copied on the hard drive does not work

Only on CD or DVD responds

See What Will Do

Edited by Jupiter2000
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@ Jupiter2000

Ah ok!

So if you enable just to allow to run the unpackme from CD then it should be enough to patch the return value from the GetDriveType to 5 for CD-Rom like in other enigma files.Problem in your file is that the unpackme does not break on this API and this API is also not emulated.

1. I don't think that your unpackme will work on other PC's + CD-Rom at the moment.

2. GetDriveType patch does not work in your file.

3. The GetDriveType API is there but not used also the UN-VMed code of this part is not used.

4. I have also no CD-Rom at the moment and I can't also burn a CD with this unpackme on it.

5. Now to be sure that I am right or not I would ask you to create again a new version of this unpackme [ALL the same like this unpackme] but this time just disable the CD Rom check feature in your project so that it also starts from the HDD.

PS: Maybe you enabled to much!Window version check Services etc.If you have enabled some extra checks then tell.


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@ ahmadmansoor

What do you mean?No Protections like VM in codesection enabled etc?

So did you bypass the CD check with GetDriveType API on your HDD or did you copy the unpackme on CD?So I need to know this so for me the unpackme does not run with the GetDriveType patch!So you are using win7 right?I use XP SP2.

So your unpacked file works. :)


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