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Need a C++ KeyGen Template made in VS2010


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Hi !

I have found some keygen templates but most of them are in asm, also I have found one made in c but it is made using an old compiler and it cannot be converted for Visual Studio 2010 I have.

This topic is to ask someone of this forum if not bother to make a KeyGen template in C++ but for Visual Studio 2010 not an older version.

Second, I wish you to make it in such a way to be able to use assembly language includes ripped from Olly with code ripper plugin. They shold be like: _asm { //code ripped from olly } and I wish you to make a commented region where to insert this.

Thank you very much !

Happy New Year !

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Well, I think this could help you. I made it with express edition and ResEdit.

Enjoy. If you have any question I will be glad helping you.

Happy new year and good health for you!



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