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[crackme] A very cool crackme with strong anti-debugger


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this is Shielden v2.0.0

To start debugging break on system entry point and soon will end up on call to GetThickCount which is obviously not jumping (in jump table) where is supposed to. Try to avoid this call and you can start unpacking from there.

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Would you please share us the tips how you can do it?

Since you know, notepad.exe is very popular everywhere :thumbsup:

though I believe absolutely you can get it debugged and unpacked...

just prove it and show it...

and the most importantly, teach us how to do it...

and then Merry christmas and thank you for sharing :yahoo:

Ok I see the unpackme has alomst nothing enabled to unpack it! :)

Here my unpacked file without bypassing the Safeengine message!


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it is protected by:

1.Ctrl+G 100739D and write 6A 70


3.grab IAT, resource section(see PE header) from a running process


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