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Delphi 2008+ Inline ASM


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I have been learning the rip technique for keygenning with Delphi. I have successfully compiled the program with Delphi 7 and it generates correct values. When I compile the same program with the Delphi 2008+ compiler, the keygen generates incorrect values. What parameters have changed with ASM inline in Delphi 2008+? Are there any compiler instructions I need to add to the ASM procedure to correct this problem?

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Delphi 2008 ?? is that the .net version or do you mean Delphi 2009? if its Delphi 2009 all strings are Unicode so when you declare a type as string it really is declaring it as WideString(unicode) solution would be to declare your strings as "AnsiString" instead of "String"

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Thank you Departure. I have been stumped on this issue for some time now. As for the 2008, I meant to say 2009.

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