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when i try to login, it says "Logged in successful", but when i load the main page of the forum (tuts4you.com/forum), it still displays "sign in" in the right upper corner. When i switch to a public subforum (eg bug reports) my profile shows up in the said corner just fine. (edit: and apparently i rally am logged in, as this post prooves :))

But i cant access registered-users-only forums, as they are not displayed when not logged in.

I emptied every cache i`m aware off, rebooted the system and tried different browsers - no success.

any ideas :S

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Try clicking the "Delete My Cookies" at the bottom of the board. You will should be logged out and will have to log back in.

Now try clicking on this link and tell me if you can see the forum:


If that doesn't work try viewing the board with another browser...


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Hi Tedddy,

When i clicked the link for the first time, it worked! :)

I actually posted a topic in the programming section.

However, after the first refresh the problem re-occured.

I also cant clean my cookies anymore:

[#2010] The link you followed to delete your cookies appears to be badly formed. Please go back and click the link again.

I tried it with IE8 FF3.6.12 and Opera so far...always the same issue... :/

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It definitely seems to be an issue at your end, something related to your cookies obviously. What it is to be exact I am not sure? :dunno:


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