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I am curious about how peid loads signature database. Does Peid store the signature as an array and load it to memory?

If I compare the used memory between peid and exeinfope


Priv. Working Set : 316,676 K

Commit Size : 318.068 K


Priv. Working Set : 2232 K

Commit Size : 6792 K

I know they are different program but they are quite similar with big difference about memory consumption.

Actually, I have signature database, I put it as an array in a DLL. My EXE retrieve the array from DLL and assign the array to EXE's variable. The problem is my EXE will consume huge memory. What is the effective way?

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question is are they both packed with same packers? if you dont use a packer then it wont be as big in memory as a packer has to load the whole lot in memory before executing, I think custom signatures are stored in .txt file and loaded into to an array at scan time, They probably have small pre-defined database compiled into the exe, to be honest I wouldn't know...

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I am not just talking about Peid, but what is the effective way to load huge data/array as database and read it fastly.

Hmm..I think scan time is not a good idea because I/O activity is more consume time. I might be wrong.

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